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Rosehr Marketing recognises that effective marketing comprises a multi-prong approach consisting of captivating pictures, leading headlines, appropriate and concise descriptions, demonstrative videos and caring sales service. The pie graph gives a visual representation of this approach.

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Rosehr Marketing understands that todays world recognises a strong visual element which uses colour. We also recognise that different customers will need different approaches in order to find connection. Hence a balance of picture, colour and word is sought in order to ensure wide appeal.


Rosehr Marketing specialises in photos that capture the moment allowing the customer to see the service provider in action or the product line in process. Pictures that capture the audience’s attention and connect with he provider are paramount in successful advertising.

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Rosehr Marketing recognises the significance of appropriate, captivating headlines to the point that there are a team of advertisers appointed who consult to ‘get it right’.


Rosehr Marketing takes time and care to ensure that descriptions are apt, captivating and to the point.


Rosehr Marketing seeks to include video material of the target business when and where appropriate. This allows the potential customer to see the server or provider in action and encourages a point of connection.


Rosehr Marketing emphasises the importance of after sales service. Any customer of Rosehr Marketing will be followed up on and serviced with care and consideration. As the customer you will be heard and responded to. The administrator has had wide experience in this arena and will willingly share advice and observations as appropriate aa part of the service.

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